Film and Television Work

National Military History Museum of Diekirch

January 2005


Members of the unit took part in a reconstruction of the Sauer River crossing and construction of the pioneer bride by the 2nd Infantry Regiment, 5th Infantry Division at Diekirch, Luxembourg.

Filmed as part of the museum's DVD.




Medal of Honor Airborne international launch

July 2007


The unit was enlisted to run an airborne boot-camp for members of the press and the computer-game industry for the international launch of Medal of Honor Airborne.




Brothers in Arms Franchise


The unit was hired to take part in the making of the historical documentary "The Untold Story..." that accompanied the first two games on international television, and in the release of the third game in the USA.


See here for more details.


Flashback Films


Members of the unit took part in the making of 'The Lost Evidence' Battle of the Bulge programme.


The programme was shown in the summer of 2007 on the History Channel




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